Looking for a new Great Lakes Spa Cover?

Order Great Lakes Spa Cover

We offer you custom made Great Lakes Spa Cover to protect your spa against the extreme weather of the Alaska to the intense sun exposure of Arizona. You have the choice of 15 colors and 8 models. We will make each model customly to fit your Great Lakes Spa. The hot tub covers we made are strong and robust, they are the perfect replacement covers.

Free Shipping to continental USA and Canada

Exactly, we offer you free shipping to continental USA and Canada. Not only we ship for free but we ship in 10 business days.

Cheapest cover on the market

We have the cheapest Great Lakes Spa Cover on the market starting at 165$ with our Oasis model. Looking for the strongest cover on the market? The Hurricane is made right for you. 11 Models to choose from to fit your Great Lakes Spa!